511 Nova Scotia Help

1.888.780.4440 outside Nova Scotia

511 Nova Scotia is an interactive, easy to use system allowing travelers to quickly access timely and reliable information on road conditions, roadwork activities and incidents on the provincial highways. 511 Nova Scotia offers multiple ways to access information:

  • Map View
  • Text Report
  • Phone and Other Features

Map View

  • To zoom in click the plus icon in the top-left corner. This will zoom towards the center of the currently displayed map. You can also zoom in with your mouse's scroll wheel or by double-clicking on the map.
  • You can also zoom directly to the provinces largest cities with the "Select Region" dropdown from the side menu to the left of the map window.
  • Pan and scroll in any direction by clicking and dragging the screen.
  • To zoom out click the minus icon in the top-left corner. You can also zoom out with your mouse's scroll wheel.
  • to view detailed road information provided on the map, simply click on the segment of highway of your interest whereupon a text box will appear on the map indicating the last updated conditions for that segment of highway.

What Types of Information Does The Map Automatically Provide?

Road condition details, weather, and incidents are automatically selected. Definitions and an explanation of our home page legend outlining the displayed conditions on our map can be found on our site at the following link Legend definitions page.

What Type of Information Is Accessible From Within the Map Drop Down Menu?

The following information can be accessed by selecting/checking the appropriate box on the map legend drop-down menu:

The map automatically displays weather and incident icons. Not interested in a certain type(s) of information? Then uncheck the appropriate box on the map Legend drop-down menu.


  • When Parks check box is selected, National / Provincial parks icons are displayed at the location of Nova Scotia's parks.
  • Clicking on the park icon of choice opens a detailed overview of the park in question.
  • The information presented is everything from Facilities/Services and Recreational Activities to camping and event notices; a veritable treasure trove of advice for the outdoor enthusiast.


  • Indicated by the icon on the map. Click on the icon to provide a photo of the stretch of highway where the camera is located. These photos are refreshed regularly.
  • The number and locations of cameras continues to expand throughout the province. As new cameras are installed and activated, they are added to the map.

Ferry Crossings

  • Indicated by the icon on the map. Click on the icon to view the latest schedule and service information for the ferry route in that location.


  • The Events icon indicates that there are multiple advisories in that area. Zoom in to separate the icons, or click on the icon to display a window that will provide further information for all the related items. For further information see the Legends definitions page.


  • Multiple Environment Canada Weather Forecasts icons are displayed on the map when the user checks the icon on the map drop down menu. Simply click on the various weather icons displayed on the map to access the Environment Canada Weather Forecast for your area of interest.

Text Report

  • This feature displays road condition and incident information in a list that is easy to understand for those who are not comfortable with viewing the conditions on the map.

NOTE: The Text Report facility also allows the user to enter the highway of their choice into the search box which will immediately display the conditions for that particular highway.

It's worth noting that in the summer, where multiple segments of the same highway are reporting the same road conditions our intelligence system will report the conditions from the location of the start of the road segments which are identical to the end location of those road segments. For example if the conditions of all the individual segments of Highway 102 from the Truro to Halifax are identical then the text report will report that stretch of highway as one large segment.